Machali is one of the world’s most famous wild tigers, and is true tiger royalty. Brought up around the lakes, temples and fort of Ranthambhore, her life has long been in the media spotlight. Films, books and even lifetime achievement awards have made her a star of the wild tiger world. 

Growing up with endless pilgrims walking through her wild realm to pay homage to their gods, she remains seemingly unconcerned by her human admirers. She was a fearless yet caring mother, nurturing an impressive nine cubs, in four separate litters, to adulthood.

Tenacious too, she's one of the only tigers ever seen to kill crocodiles. Today, retired to the fringes of the park, she is still is the regal grandmother of Ranthambhore. Many of the park's tigers are her own offspring and her eventual legacy will live on in another park nearby, Sariska, where two of her daughters were moved to start a new population.

Most recently, Machali is making her way back into old territory claimed by her daughter Satra who is now busy raising cubs. Is this proud matriarch making her come-back?



Age: 22 years old (veteran)
Name Meaning: 'Fish' in Hindi
Code: T16
First seen: October 1997
Gender: Female
Notable marks: A fork-like mark on her left cheek

Machali was, until recently, the resident tigress of the area around the famous Ranthambhore Fort and lakes. Once home to powerful Maharajas and Maghuls, it was abandoned in the 16th century and the wilderness returned to this most picturesque park.

Here, glorious pleasure-domed palaces, lakes, and Formand fortress walls enclose ruined palaces and pillared temples. Onion-topped chattris provide shade; perfect resting places and great ambush sites for Machali, as she hunts her main prey, sambar deer, that bathe in the lakes, and spotted deer who graze the verges. 

Machali is probably the most photographed tiger in the world. She has starred in a number of documentaries, had a library of books written on her and her park, and even received a TOFT Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to conservation and the wider Rajasthan economy.

While her name means 'fish' in Hindi, this was actually her mother's name, after a fish-like marking. While the name passed down, the marking didn't (all tigers have unique stripe patterns) and Machali's most distinguishing feature is a fork-like mark on her left cheek. 

Machali was born during the monsoon months of 1997, probably in July. She has two other sisters but was always the dominant cub. She was first seen during the winter of 1997 and by the beginning of 1999 she had started hunting on her own: the first sign she was about to separate from her mother. Soon afterwards, her mother ceded a part of her territory to Machali and that's where she's spent the majority of her reign.

This was at the centre of the 350 square miles of the park, in a prime location, and among some of the most varied and picturesque landscapes. More recently, her daughter Sundari has usurped her range and pushed Machali to the park's fringes. Still, her range has a mix of different habitats, ranging from deep tree-lined valleys to sun scorched plateaus, and a high concentration of prey species.

Her former territory around the fort is still is visited by thousands of tourists each year, who come to catch a glimpse of her or her offspring. A huge number of pilgrims also walk to the temple of Lord Ganesh within the fort. Once a year, over three days, half-a-million pilgrims visit this temple. Machali has never tried to stalk, hide, or run from them, and it's a wonder that she's never attacked anyone.

During the summer months of 2000 she mated with a large male tiger called Bamboo Ram and three months later she gave birth to two male cubs. We named them Broken Tail (because his tail was broken) and Slant Ear (for reasons no-one remembers). By the end of December 2001 both these cubs, now teenagers, separated from Machali and sadly we never saw Slant Ear again.

For around 18 months, Broken Tail lived in a small territory at the edge of park, overrun with cattle grazers and a dearth of prey. Somewhere in the summer of 2003, probably forced by lack of water, Broken Tail decided to leave Ranthambhore. In August 2003, we were sad to hear that a passenger train had run him down about a 100 miles away, in a heavily-populated farming region of Rajasthan.

Soon after Broken Tail and Slant Ear separated from their mother, she mated again with another male tiger called Nick Ear. By now, Bamboo Ram had died of old age and Nick Ear had taken over his territory and was the dominant male within Machali’s territory.

By May 2002 Machali had given birth to her second litter. We first saw them on the 30th of June (the day before Ranthambhore closed for the monsoon season) in the Nalghati valley, and there were three cubs. Machali was carrying one softly in her mouth and the other two were following her. However, one of these cubs did not survive and when Ranthambhore reopened for visitors in October that year there were now only two cubs left.  We named the male Jhumaroo and the female Jhumari.

By the end of 2004 her second litter had left her side and she was seen mating again, this time with another large male known as 'X' because nobody knew much about him or where he had come from.

Around this time Ranthambore was again under siege from highly-organised tiger poachers (many from the well-known poaching community on the edge of the park) and the dominant tiger, Nick Ear fell to their bullets. Soon after her mating with 'X', she drove Jhumaroo and Jhumari from her area. Jhumaroo rapidly set up his own territory in Lahpur, taken over ground from the poached male tigers that once lived there. Jhumari disappeared soon after, and our guess is that she simply didn't survive the separation from her mother - something that happens relatively often.

Jhumaroo inherited Machali's skill as a crocodile hunter. Living beside lakes full of India most deadly reptiles, this was behaviour that had never been seen before in the wild. All of these long scraps with crocodiles (one lasting a remarkable 13 hours) took their toll on Machali, however, and she lost a couple of canine teeth in the process.

In March 2005, at the relatively advanced age of eight, Machali gave birth to her third litter of two cubs - a male we called Bunty and a female called Bubbly. These two cubs stayed with her until October 2006. When these cubs were young, we were pretty sure that they'd be Machali’s last.

However, much to our surprise, Machali gave birth to a fourth litter during the monsoon months of 2006. This time she had three cubs. These cubs are now full grown and independently established: Satra, Athara, and Unnis

Today Machali is old, has lost almost all her teeth and most of her territory, and lives not on a diet of deer, but slow-moving cattle on the fringes of the park. Her daughter Satra had at one point driven her out. But, as Satra is distracted with raising her cubs, it might be time for Machali to make her return and reclaim her land.

Machali’s inevitable legacy will survive however. In 2009, Bubbly was darted and moved to Sariska Tiger Reserve, followed a few months later by another of her daughters, Athara. Today. they are the nucleus of a new line of tigers in this tiger park, only 100 miles from Ranthambhore.

These life stories were brought to you after years of careful observation, notes and photography. Aditya Singh is a principal contributor together with many of Ranthambhore’s nature guiding community, and the success of Tigerwatch’s ongoing intelligence. Read all their blogs here

26 Jan 2014 Tiger diary over 5 years ago

Where has Machali gone? by Julian Matthews

Machali, the legendary cover girl for her species and the ever present symbol of Ranthambhore’s place amongst the firmament of India’s finest tiger reserves, is missing. The ...

Tiger: Machali

Reserve: Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

I totally agree & I commented on one of the posts on Facebook about it. It would be completely cruel to stop now. Does anyone know if stopping to feed Machali is just a suggestion or is it actually a decision?

tigerfan | over 5 years ago

Totally agree, once a feeding project is started it must be seen through till the end otherwise it is even more cruel to stop now! Should have left nature alone in the first place otherwise. All the interference with the natural behaviour of all animals in the wild, fighting and otherwise does no good in the end.

KayTiwari | over 5 years ago

There's a post on facebook to stop feeding Machali. It's too late, they started feeding her now so they have to carry on. It would be cruel to let her starve to death now she has got used to it. It's not a nice suggestion!

ernie23 | over 5 years ago

Machli dear, Keep it up old girl !

sb65ds | over 5 years ago

Yes, she was seen last week.

Kshitij | over 5 years ago

Anybody spotted Machali recently? Just wondering how she is....

ernie23 | over 5 years ago

Machli found nd she's fine...she hunted heraelf and dtz y was able to survive all dese days

swetabhati | over 5 years ago

Machali was our first wild tiger sighting and she allowed us to follow her for 20 mins, it was awesome! I hope they find her whichever way it goes so that we know what happened to her! Deep down I hope she is still surviving out there somewhere, she is a true legend to her species!

ernie23 | over 5 years ago

I read this post with great sadness, but also with incredible joy and thankfulness for the small part I have been privileged to share. Whatever the outcome, my thoughts go to the lyrics of the BYRDS and their song... to everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn ,turn. and there is a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to love, a time to break down,....a time to live, a time to die....Emotional yes I am.........Soo

Jackwoods | over 5 years ago

It's near the fringes but within the park.

julianmatthews | over 5 years ago

Julian is the new area she moved to on the fringes of the park or near a village?

tigerfan | over 5 years ago

I saw a documentary about B2 and when he was old & lost his territory he reatreated into a cave

tigerfan | over 5 years ago

Are they actually looking for Machali? Also, why are there wood cutters in a reserve? Are the parks not protected from such things?

tigerfan | over 5 years ago

There is a old saying in Hindi Bakre ki maan kab tak khair manayengi. I dont why we are so much worried about her death. Everyone knows she is surviving on extended help and that may have created some trouble for her. She cant fight and win with intruders at this age. If park is safe then no worries. She may have moved here or there temporarily. In Bandhavgarh once B2 was missing for 5 weeks. He was licking his wounds in peace.

SatyendraTiwari | over 5 years ago

Hope she is safe and well. Hope to hear good news about her soon.

ernie23 | over 5 years ago

Hoping & praying that she is safe.

tigerfan | over 5 years ago

I read that Machli's pugmarks were sighted

Aishwarya | over 5 years ago

Hi, I saw this on FB. Maybe can help to find a Machali. Thank you so much. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=647671245279662&set=a.118945501485575.7340.101654093214716&type=1&theater

CarmenRivero | over 5 years ago

28 Sep 2013 Tiger diary almost 6 years ago

MONSOON DIARY - Just how important is Machali ? by Julian Matthews

Just how important has the life of one individual tiger been over her lifetime? Never has a tigress’s life been so well documented; so many films made of her, such a...

Tiger: Machali

Reserve: Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

Hi alodge - are you from the Achanakmar area yourself? never quite made it there but always wanted to. I believe if we could get wildlife tourism into teh area it would really help in developing a pride in restoration over destruction!

julianmatthews | almost 6 years ago

Beautiful narration. Similar stories can be built in Achnakmar Tiger Reserve in chhattisgarh where there are no tigers left though the jungle is much bigger and greener than anywhere else. Hope an article is put in this magazine about the rehabilitation of Tigers and Deers.

alodge | almost 6 years ago

Absolutely fabulous tribute. Machali will always be remembered with great fondness. Her beauty is captivating and her contribution to the Ranthambhore park is immense. Thanks for all the updates on all our tigers !

indiabarb | almost 6 years ago

Thanks for this article Julian, it's a great summary of Machalis achievements. I think another of her achievements is the cubs she has raised. Although she hasn't had as many cubs as other tigresses, I think the majority of her cubs are still alive & well and between them have & continue to help boost tiger numbers. Some have even been relocated to other parks where tigers were wiped out by poachers, to help restore them. Also, I think that when the day does come that Machali leaves this world, there should definitely be some kind of ceremony/celebration to honour her life, that so many of us have watched from a distance.

tigerfan | almost 6 years ago

21 May 2013 Tiger diary about 6 years ago

A load of lunches - if Machali can keep it. by Julian Matthews

The old lady has seen it all over the years, and though she has outlived most of her offspring, no mother can help but grieve at her latest loss, that of her daughter Satra (...

Tiger: Machali

Reserve: Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

One amazing tigress. Makes me hope and prey Pyari is out there somewhere living out her dotage too in the same way.

KayTiwari | about 6 years ago

22 Mar 2013 Tiger diary over 6 years ago

Not on my patch by Vipul Jain

Machali ain’t going to give up her ‘meals on a rope’ for anybody, including the big brute of a tiger Sitara. Her Lakarda lair, a rocky valley of the ancient Aravelli hills, i...

Tiger: Machali

Reserve: Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

I'm so pleased to learn that Machali is alive & well. I have seen 3 amazing documentaries about her and she was the first tiger i looked for when i joined tiger nation. Stay strong machali so we can continue to follow you on you adventures.

tigerfan | over 6 years ago

I seem to remember Machli from the television series Land of the Tiger with Valmak Thapar some years ago. It was a wonderful series.

margaretmavor | over 6 years ago

Good old Machli. What a feisty old lady she is. Reports like this put a smile on your face, especially after the sad news earlier this week of the young tigress who died suddenly.

blackberry04 | over 6 years ago

12 Mar 2013 Tiger diary over 6 years ago

A good pension plan by Julian Matthews

Old age is a doddle – or so Machali reckons. Not happy with her ‘meals on wheels’ – the goats or young buffaloes on a rope for dinner, she decided yesterday to go out a f...

Tiger: Machali

Reserve: Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

Saw Machali in Rathambore the other week! Zone 4. Big rush to get there. She was hiding behind some grasses. Had watched a film about her her life at the hotel - like a Shakespeare tragedy! Awesome to see the grandmother of tigers in the flesh! Keep up the good work Machali! We all respect you.

Lucydanielraby | over 6 years ago

Stay strong Machali. We're booked for our annual piligrimage to see you in June.

MikeCur | over 6 years ago

incredible tigress

micah.charlery | over 6 years ago

Good old Machli, she really is an incredible Tiger.

blackberry04 | over 6 years ago

05 Jan 2013 Tiger diary over 6 years ago

Occupation is nine tenths of tiger law. by Yadvendra Singh

With Satra nursing a nasty wound to her left front foot, making her almost immobile and restricted to her protector’s domain, her estranged mother Machali, the wily old lady ...

Tiger: Machali

Reserve: Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

really like to diaries. keep them up

Wildman | over 6 years ago

Wise old Machali, shes a tigress just like old people visiting bygone times before the end. Great diary.

KayTiwari | over 6 years ago


Photo-icon Photos: 60

Small_4a7abbfe-0a2c-4581-a30a-517105293d2c Small_image Small_t16_and_three_cubs_as Small_image Small__skk7635 Small_306 Small_machli_latest Small_tiger_nation_machali Small_tiger_upld Small_img_0331 Small__dsc4036 Small_dscn0847 Small_3375 Small_3376 Small__dsc6953_4750 Small_p1040698 Small__mg_2451_a Small_machhli_jenny_horgan_img_3681 Small__mg_8777 Small_machali_postal Small_machali_3529 Small_rw_3583 Small_img_3778__tn Small_machali_with_sambar.__21st_may_13 Small_machali_30th_april_13__bobby_bhargava Small_img_5721 Small__mg_6574 Small_t_16_machali_gufa__12_ Small__mg_5656 Small__mg_5462 Small__mg_4910 Small_machali_t16 Small_1320 Small__mg_0667 Small_machali__15_years_old__estmated_to_have_been_seen_by_over_400_000_people_and_to_have_raised_over_us_100m_to_the_local_economy_around_ranthambhore_in_last_ten_years._aditya_singh Small_img_0936 Small_machali_in_april_sandeep_mall_2 Small_machali_in_april_sandeep_mall Small_img_2645__2_ Small_machli_no_teeth Small__mg_5919 Small_ranapr12_0389 Small_machali Small__mg_0085 Small_ads_000041692 Small_t_16__1_ Small_t_16__8_ Small_machali_yadtiger Small_ads_0000026067 Small_dpp_00020 Small_ads_0000025907 Small_machali_with_cub Small_machali_on_the_wall Small_ads_00000166-691731016-o Small_ads_00000185-690722810-o Small_ads_00000287-690725740-o Small_t17_with_her_mother_machali_t16_tiger_watch_2007 Small_as_000002789-691722051-o Small_machali_tiger_and_vehicle._c_aditya_singh Small_t16_and_unknown_as


12 Jun 2018 Photo was added about 1 year ago


While crossing. A road. Random click pose

Mini_bd734552-5756-4956-8e05-9aa9edb93767 Uploaded by Sufiyan. Ali Quraishi  

Visited ranthambore tiger reserve yesterday, i visited Zone 1 and could able to see tiger T 34. It was wonderful experience. Love tigers , save tigers.

navneet.tripathi | 22 days ago

Nice click

Veerumbarje | 2 months ago

21 Aug 2016 Photo was added almost 3 years ago


Magnificent Machli Queen of Ranthambhore. Wild and free. Rest in Peace

Mini_devil Uploaded by indiabarb  

Hi B, thanks for sharing this great photo of Machali. Before seeing it was you who uploaded it, I knew it was your photo as it's the thumbnail for your incredible video footage on YouTube, which we've included in our 'Machali Queen of Tigers' Playlist (Hope thats okay?) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHECxivYyXJG3LygE7dxFQrDXdvmLieb4

tigerfan | almost 3 years ago

18 Aug 2016 Photo was added almost 3 years ago


RIP Machali. Machali was one of the world’s most famous wild tigers, and is true tiger royalty. Brought up around the lakes, temples and fort of Ranthambhore, her life has long been in the media spotlight. Films, books and even a TOFTigers lifetime achievement awards made her a star of the wild tiger world. Growing up with endless pilgrims walking through her wild realm to pay homage to their gods, she remains seemingly unconcerned by her human admirers. She was a fearless yet caring mother, nurturing an impressive nine cubs, in four separate litters, to adulthood. Tenacious too, she's one of the only tigers ever seen to kill crocodiles. Today 18th August 2018, at nineteen years of age, she died having retired to the fringes of the park, She was the regal grandmother of Ranthambhore. Many of the park's tigers today are her own offspring and her eventual legacy will live on in another park nearby, Sariska, where two of her daughters were moved to start a new population. Credit : Aditya Singh.

Machali's death leaves us fall more in love with her.. Love you Machali.. She will always be a shining star!!

Ritusharma | almost 3 years ago

So sad about Machli she felt like a friend, I was following her for a very long time! Want to post a picture of her in her glory and majesty! Just need to find the photo button!

indiabarb | almost 3 years ago

so, ranthambhore has lost one more incredible soldier.....first, fatji and now machli.....long live their legacy .....RIP the superb tigress.

sinhalp | almost 3 years ago

May this wonderful, beautiful girl rest in peace. Machali, you were loved and admired by many, and you will not be forgotten. There will never be another Machali.

wardnancy | almost 3 years ago

I am heartbroken to see this. My eyes fill with tears. Machali we miss you.

rpattela | almost 3 years ago

So sad, the world just lost a beautiful soul. Machali's an icon, a legend and she will be greatly missed by all who loved her (including us, Sharon & Danielle) Rest In Peace Machali xx

tigerfan | almost 3 years ago

She will continue to be the matriarch queen of Indian jungles. RIP.

pranjita | almost 3 years ago

I am sorry that I never met her. She was amazing , graceful, strong, and just a beautiful female. You will be missed...

christina.little | almost 3 years ago

Very sad - but she has been ailing for a while now. RIP Machali.

julianmatthews | almost 3 years ago

30 May 2016 Photo was added about 3 years ago


My first encounter with The Lady of the Lakes!

Mini_image Uploaded by Rahul Dhargalkar  

It's great to see our Lady of the Lakes. God Bless Machali. Thanks Rahul for sharing this Magnificent Picture.

rpattela | about 3 years ago

Wow! You're so lucky! It always gives much such joy to see photos of Queen Machali, thanks for sharing. Like Christina said below, I hope this was taken very recently xx

tigerfan | about 3 years ago

When was this picture taken? Very recently I hope.

christina.little | about 3 years ago

02 Nov 2015 Photo was added over 3 years ago


The Experienced One...!!!

Mini_user_default Uploaded by Sundeep Kheria  

Pranjita, a few months back Julian said Machali is very much on the fringes of the park these days - near the offices of Tigerwatch. xx

tigerfan | over 3 years ago

Which area she is these days? Any idea? Am visiting in April...really want to see her.

pranjita | over 3 years ago

Is there any further information about Machali.

rpattela | over 3 years ago

no further info on that..i am hoping it was either misinformation or a reference to a previous fight she had. anyway not clear but if there was anything we would already have known by now?

Sriram | over 3 years ago

Oh no! I hope Machali is OK does anyone have info on the injury that Sriram has mentioned?

tigerfan | over 3 years ago

just read that she was badly injured by Sultan in a fight!..hows she holding up any updates anyone? she had such a great impact on tiger conservation and its awareness over the last decade or so and is such a beautiful tigress!. Her picture by Balendu Singh with her 3 daughters in Tow mesmerizes me every day.

Sriram | over 3 years ago

I just read on Facebook that Machali has attacked a herdsman on November 5th. Surely this is not true, she's lived with millions of people walking through her territory for years, does anyone know anything about this?

tigerfan | over 3 years ago

So nice to see her. wish u good health dear.

pranjita | over 3 years ago

I'm so glad to see a new photo of Machli! She's my hero.

wardnancy | over 3 years ago

It's great to see you (Sundeep Kheria) & your fab photos here on TN! It always gives me immense joy seeing new photos of Machali!

tigerfan | over 3 years ago

Fabulous to see royalty again - even if she is now one eyed!

julianmatthews | over 3 years ago

15 Feb 2015 Photo was added over 4 years ago


Oldest Tigress Machali

Mini_user_default Uploaded by amitnibedita  

She is the most magnificent of tigers. I was taken in immediately when I saw her story. Are there still sightings of her today? Is she well?

Anthonysyaya | over 3 years ago

Thanks Julian

tigerfan | almost 4 years ago

Correct. She is being watched closely and fed occasionally too!

julianmatthews | almost 4 years ago

Julian is Machali still being watched closely by the forest guards? I think she needs to be, especially as she's on the fringes of the park

tigerfan | almost 4 years ago

With park closed we have not heard. She is very much on the fringes of the park these days - near the offices of Tigerwatch!

julianmatthews | almost 4 years ago

any new/recent sightings of this beautiful aging queen?

midnighttigress | almost 4 years ago

Any new updates of this Hon. queen? This weeks/months pics? Health reports please?

adventurouszen | over 4 years ago

Guys i need help here pls. We are in the midst of starting a top notch resort in Panna 1 Km from the park entrance. Am getting a lot of mixed feedback as to the viability the the project. Will it be a good idea to do so as the international airport is set to open in Khajuraho this year & it looks like tourism will boom. Any ideas?

shikari69 | over 4 years ago

It was 2012 when i spotted him not 2013 cant remember the area though the forest guard that appeared was talking about some pag dandi no 7 which was closed the day before when we went. He appeared out of this 'T" junction when we were on our way back to center point. Walked right past us on the road marking his territory b4 disappearing into the tall grass near a nala.

shikari69 | over 4 years ago

Thanks for your reply shikari69. The reason I was so curious about the date of your sighting was because I think I read on your photo as sighted in 2013. And the last confirmed sighting of Naak Kata that I know of was in April 2013. He hasn't been seen since then. He was an old male, and as you said, in a bad shape. He is most likely gone now. So just wanted to know whether you saw him after April 2013. He was a majestic male, but quite shy. And yes, I think in the last few years, his whereabouts started to change like it happens with many old tigers. I saw him in October 2011 and at that time too, he turned up in an area where he was not usually seen. And similar to your sighting, he went about marking territory for a good 50 mins, stalked a Sambur, and charged onto a Jackal. Do you remember the name of the area where you sighted him?

Kshitij | over 4 years ago

Thanks for the update. I say Nak kata in Kanha sometime Nov 2012 looked in pretty bad shape. Had a tooth broken too have about 2000 shots of him. Was with him for a full 45 min. Came out of the bush marking his territory on the furthest end where he is rarely seen. Why is Panna national park not covered here. there are some nice spottings happening there was there last week saw T5 but could not get a shot.

shikari69 | over 4 years ago

@Shikari69 Bamboo Ram and Nick are two different males. Bamboo Ram sired Machli's first litter and is father of Broken Tail. Nick was her second mate and is father of Jhumroo. By the way, I saw your photos of the Naak Kata male of Kanha and had left a comment of your photo asking you about the sighting. Can you tell me the date of your sighting of Naak Kata male tiger?

Kshitij | over 4 years ago

Machli had a mate called Nick is he the same as bambooram as his litter 2 & 3 are the same there seems to be some mistake here. Broken tails father was someone else watch the episode of valmik thappar danger in tiger paradise. Conflicting data

shikari69 | over 4 years ago

Thanks Aishwarya I really hope so

tigerfan | over 4 years ago

I think this is from a while back.

Aishwarya | over 4 years ago

Is this a new.recent photo or is that from a while back when Machali injured her paw? I'm truly hoping this isn't a fresh injury!

tigerfan | over 4 years ago

I love seeing pictures of Machali; she is my favorite tiger. But I hope she isn't injured badly.

wardnancy | over 4 years ago

Hi Amit - you didn't say when this was taken. Recently? Looks like a nasty problem with one of her claws? Was she limping?

julianmatthews | over 4 years ago

27 Jan 2015 Photo was added over 4 years ago


The latest image of the First Lady of Ranthambhore T-16 aka Machhli. As per the forest guards who track her, she's hale and heart and she can even hunt occasionally. Apologies for poor image quality as it has been taken from mobile

Mini_self Uploaded by Trayambak Ojha  

Wow! She looks incredible! Thanks for sharing, seeing new photos of Machali brings me great joy

tigerfan | over 4 years ago


efrancis | over 4 years ago

Always brings me great joy to see new photos & get updates on Machali, thanks for sharing. Machali has a special place in my heart, she's incredible!

tigerfan | over 4 years ago

She's turning 18 this year.

leminh | over 4 years ago

A tiger's 19th year means 95 years of human life. She's still a head turner. Is she still fed by forest department? Long live old girl

PinakiRoy52 | over 4 years ago

An amazing Tigress!

ernie23 | over 4 years ago

Glad to hear she is still healthy. Beautiful photo of a beautiful tigress!

jeannejain | over 4 years ago

I am so glad that this beautiful girl is still living!

wardnancy | over 4 years ago

Nice to see her!

Kshitij | over 4 years ago

Truly a legend she is!!

sachin | over 4 years ago

Wonderful to see her. Thank you as she enters her 19th year!

julianmatthews | over 4 years ago

15 Dec 2014 Photo was added over 4 years ago


Machali, looking everyone of her years, visibly wary and ill at ease. Upset to see her like this.

Mini_canvas_picture_1 Uploaded by Adrian Mann  

She may look a little worse for wear, but I'm glad to see Machali is OK Thanks for sharing

tigerfan | over 4 years ago

Was this image taken after her eye injury was reported? Or was it taken before that?

Kshitij | over 4 years ago

We adore Machali and were privileged to see her hunting in 2010. She is lucky to have reached old age and I understand the rangers feed her now? I hope she is being well looked after as we humans owe her so much!

AnnieH | over 4 years ago

Good to see atleast she has not lost an eye as was reported. also both fore paws look ok here. She is our Grande Dame and deserves all the love and respect that she gets.

adeetghosh | over 4 years ago

Old age comes to very few tigresses and should be respected. Though she looks a little tired and worn she also looks well fed.

KayTiwari | over 4 years ago

Although her exact physical condition couldn't be ascertained due to low light, she was sighted in zone-5 on the late evening of 11th December.

Vijayarajan | over 4 years ago

Oh that is a truly sorry picture of the old matriarch Adrian - but thank you

julianmatthews | over 4 years ago

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