Maya (Maya)

Maya grew up as part of a happy and very visible family by Telia lake with three other siblings,  two boisterous sisters and a very shy brother. Maya was the most boiserous and gregarious of her family and is still seen today in the area. She will be ready to start her own family.

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Age: 9 years old (adult)
Code: B3 (Tad)
First seen: September 2010
Gender: Female
Notable marks: None

This famous family of four grew up as part of a happy and very visible family. She with three other siblings,  two boisterous sister and a very shy brother, born in the Ain Bodhi area and move around from Jamni village to Ain Bodhi to Pandharpauni meadow.

The family was still together at the beginning of the 2012 monsoon but Maya departed her mother after she was killed by a snake bite, and she took over her territory and is now looking for her own mate.

These life stories have been brought to you thanks to the records, diaries and photographs of Aditya Dhanwatay over the last ten years. They have been written and edited by Julian Matthews.  Should you have any photos or information to add to (or subtract) from these records them please help us by emailing the editorial team here


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Tigress Maya

Mini_user_default Uploaded by Riddhesh  

It will start raining end june

tadobatigerlover | about 1 year ago

is is ok to visit in june end

jay99418 | about 1 year ago

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Sighted near pandharpauni

Mini_img_20180224_200319 Uploaded by Sahil sangare  

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At the crack of dawn we head on through the Navegaon Gate with all the adrenaline pumping action of Tiger Sighting of previous day. We passTadoba Lake & reach the Pandharpauni Chowk. This is the boundary line of the 2 areas which are ruled by Maya & Chhoti Tara. We don’t see any pug marks this time but we hear a great big ruckus made by the Monkeys and Sambhar Deer. We park our gypsy in such a way that we can see the Sambhar which is calling out continuously. The Sambhar is very afraid & just when we’re anticipating Maya coming out of the thicket; we hear a massive roar. It’s mesmerising to hear such a roar. The Sambhar and Monkeys start calling furiously; our heart beats start raising. Once again we hear a massive roar from Maya & then all the calling stops suddenly. Her Majesty Queen Maya comes out of the thicket much to the surprise of the Sambhar Deer and its family. She doesn’t even look at them. I think she’s not hungry and the roar might be an indication to stop all the ruckus.

Mini_ameya Uploaded by Ameya Tarde  

maya has such beutiful look

sarfarazahmed | over 1 year ago

Guys, here. Is there latest family tree for this location?

nkeshav12 | over 1 year ago

Maya has such distinctive ears...

tygerman | over 1 year ago

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The queen of Tadoba #MAYA

Mini_19059660_1280858701970016_1770347834376810921_n Uploaded by YAGNIK PATEL  

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Maya & Matkasur breeding together, we saw them together for 2 days and at 3 different location. What a royal couple. MAJESTIC

Mini_user_default Uploaded by Souravnipa  

28 May 2017 Photo was added about 2 years ago


At the end of 3 safaris we eventually sighted the beautiful Maya. It was a haed on sight.......unforgettable

Mini_user_default Uploaded by SwamyViswanath  

Hello.Choti tara has very large area and she is aggressive because she has cubs now. However she is not one of big tigresses. When she was collared 2 years back, she was weighed by NTCA and she was less than 100 kg. May be a bit heavier now but not in big league. In Tadoba, Kolsa tigresses are big. And devdoh tigress is also quite large

tadobatigerlover | about 2 years ago

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Royal family members on road

Mini_fb_img_1488119307098 Uploaded by Bhautik21  

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Tigress Maya at a Waterhole 97

Mini_vivek_naik Uploaded by Vivek Naik  

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Maya doing the cat walk

Mini_p1000324 Uploaded by Val Berry  

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