Scarface (Bhokna or Wagdoh male)

Huge and ugly - that is Scarface. Hurt by a massive wrestling match with a male gaur, who blinded him in his right eye, he is though underneath it all a very caring father to his new families, if not a little grumpy occasionally. Follow the big man here.

Age: 17 years old (adult)
Name Meaning: Scarred by wild Gaur (Bison)
Code: M8 (Tadoba)
First seen: July 2002
Gender: Male
Notable marks: Lost right eye

Scarface looks the part. His origins are unknown but he had been in the southern range of Kolsa for a number of years in his youth but was somehow never quite made it there, finding it hard to exist in this region. 

It is quite possibly that his main prey, spotted deer and sambar were in too low numbers for him, even though it should be good habitat for herbivores. However it has been known for sometime that there is heavy bush meat poaching coming in from the south-east. It was in the buffer forest area bordering Kolsa that two tigers were found caught in deadly jaw traps in 2012.

By late 2010 Scarface, now of immense bulk and with huge paws, was beginning to challenge the resident males further north in the richer feeding grounds of Mohurli and even Tadoba, and this meant Crooked Tail (M3) and the now aging Hilltop male (M2) beginning to be squeezed north.

However, what Scarface did learn in Kolsa in his youth was to hunt the gaur, or wild cow, and it was while trying to bring down a large male in the early summer of 2011, that he got his eye blinded by his victim’s horn, before finally overcoming his battling prey. Scarface continued to feast on his hard won carcass for days while his injury healed, but by now his good looks had deserved him and his vision had been badly impaired.

For all his grumpiness as a dominant tiger, he is though immensely caring to the females under his protection, and will often be seen being affectionate around them, at meal times or sharing a waterhole. As with most dominant males he is prone to laziness and often indulges in his tigress’s most recent meals, but this maybe a feint and the price paid by his females for his protection.

With the largest territory in Tadoba he will be covering immense distances mostly at night keep other rivals off his newly established territory and his harem of tigresses, and their boisterous families.

He moves between Waghdoh, Telia lake to Tank no 2 in the Mohurli range and then all the way to up to Vasant Bandara in Tadoba.

Follow Scarface here as he takes on his rivals and fends for his family.

These life stories have been brought to you thanks to the records, diaries and photographs of Aditya Dhanwatay over the last ten years. They have been written and edited by Julian Matthews.  Should you have any photos or information to add to (or subtract) from these records them please help us by emailing the editorial team here

22 Dec 2013 Tiger diary over 5 years ago

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Tiger: Crooked Tail

Reserve: Tadoba Andhari, Maharashtra

Nice to see an article on Tadoba from you. :)

Kshitij | over 5 years ago

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Is there gabbar also known as Sharekhan??

sarfarazahmed | about 1 year ago

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Reserve: Tadoba Andhari, Maharashtra

Beautiful article. Scarface, for all his grumpiness, is an amazing father.

Aishwarya | about 6 years ago

This is lovely. Scarface sounds like a doting & loving dad. A great insight into the nurturing and loving side of a male tiger.

tigerfan | about 6 years ago

03 May 2013 Tiger diary about 6 years ago

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Tiger: Scarface

Reserve: Tadoba Andhari, Maharashtra


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05 May 2017 Photo was added about 2 years ago


Wow.....this was a dream come true.....I wanted to see Wagdoh...and my guide said this is the favorite place of Wagdoh...then we waited..waited and waited in morning safari till 10am...but we couldn't see Wagdoh...my brother, my wife, my dad & mom...all decided that we will visit the same place again in afternoon safari....it was hot and dry...chances were less to see Wagdoh......but we took our chance....and went 20-25 km inside buffer@ the same spot.....and there was nothing...we all were disappointed......within 2 minutes my brother noticed movement in the bushes...and we saw....WAGDOH.....huge.....handsome....with scar on face slowly walking towards watercup.....and we all were excited, happy and relaxed at the same time..finally my dad said he appeared like God....if u have strong intensity, u will see/get what you want..

Mini_img_20160709_000201 Uploaded by Dr. Pritish Padgavankar  

It's great to know he is living a nice long life as he should.

christina.little | about 2 years ago

Missing Entry partial

23 Aug 2016 Photo was added almost 3 years ago


Waghdoh Male (Scarface) – Tadoba

09 Mar 2016 Photo was added over 3 years ago


Waghdoh male or Scarface at junona buffer aategaon chowki waterhole comp. no. 175. It was magical. we and Some 5-6 jeeps waited for him as he was seen inside the bushes. We had 30 mins in hand to leave. He came and sat there exactly for 30 mins and left as we approached the time limit. It was divine. As if he knew that. He is massive and our god

Mini_img_0899_-_copy_-_copy Uploaded by  

Thats scare face

clippers8 | over 3 years ago

04 Feb 2016 Photo was added over 3 years ago


Wagdoh aka scarface now rule in junona buffer after he got defeated by a new male called khali by locals in agarzari buffer , even his son from Telia name SHIVA was also seen few days back in pf line area near moharli , so it war of males in buffer. Wagdoh currently has new cubs with a new female ,in junona buffer and he is often seen in CN 175 of buffer

Mini_befunky_img_9493.jpg Uploaded by ranveer singh gautam  

nice to see waghdoh male after long time

tadobatigerlover | over 3 years ago

this is great info Ranveer.

tadobatigerlover | over 3 years ago

Great shot of Scarface Ranveer

julianmatthews | over 3 years ago

13 Jun 2015 Photo was added about 4 years ago


The veteran taking a Dip at his favourite pool at Junona Buffer TATR.

Mini_dsc_0981_copy Uploaded by KUNAL INGALE  

Good to see the old boy here and in the buffers!

julianmatthews | about 4 years ago

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